We love Women's Health Physio's

We encourage all new female clients to see a women's health physio no matter how far post-partum they are. 

Unfortunately we are realising that in this day and age that the 6 week GP or OB check up isn't quite enough.  Women are going undiagnosed with pelvic floor or abdominal issues for far too long when they could be treated and taken care of sooner. 

A WHP will do a thorough check of a women's pelvic floor and abdomen to make sure they are recovering and are able to activate her muscles correctly before she returns to exercise. 

It is the peace of mind we want for you and for us as trainers to know that you are training safely.


We work with amazing women's health physio's in the area who will completely look after you and liase with us to ensure your safe return to exercise. 

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