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Rope Climbing

Highly recommend Erin and her team, the level of care from the minute your enquire all the way through to signing up is incredible. What really got me was the one on one onboarding so that Erin could really understand where I was physically. This was especially important to me, returning to fitness as a new Mum. This is followed through in your regular classes. Thanks so much, so glad to have found a gym that works for me!

Rajneet Gill Sangha

I love training with UV! The trainers are so supportive and will personalise sessions based on strengths / injuries / pregnancy etc. But it’s more than just a gym, you really feel like part of a community. Erin and Dan are amazing and you are treated like a real person, not just a number like you get with the bigger gyms. 100% recommend UV!!

Heather Braham

I’m so glad I found UV. My experience here has been amazing, challenging and rewarding. Every workout is worth every effort. I look forward to continue training with our incredible Erin and amazing Mum Squad

Angie Valenzuela

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