Online Sessions $14

Online Sessions $14

Join our ONLINE training program during lockdown!


You can train unlimited during Sydeny lockdwon!


CLICK HERE for the full timetable 


Circuit: A mix of bodyweight & strength movements, perfect for beginners to advanced.


Pilates: Mat Pilates to help build core strength suitable for men & women, beginner to advanced


Mat Reformer: Using a theraband add resistance to your regualr mat pilates for a more challenging session. 


Yin Yoga: Yin Yoga: The ultimate stretch and relaxation, ease sore, tight muscles for the ultimate yoga experience.


Meditation: The ultimate relaxation, ease tension & daily stress from your life for the ultimate zen experience. 


Once you have paid for your sessions you will receive your booking info through PT Minder.  Please ensure you fill out your health & fitness questionairre when you login and book your sessions using the PT minder app.


ZOOM links will be sent out with your online booking info!


Happy Training!


*valid for past & new members

  • Timetable Changes

    Due to the unforseen nature of a pandemic the timetable is subject to change. You will be updated of any changes via e-mail.

    Thank You