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Will I get bulky doing resistance/strength training?

Resistance Training is a fantastic and very effective tool for fat burning and muscle tone. However, it is a common concern that weight training could make you look like a bodybuilder. 

  • Reality Check: Body builders have strict training regimes of up to 3 sessions a day for months at a time. They have rigid and very bland diets which dictate their daily lives. Unless you are making a very conscious and dedicated commitment to actually looking like a bodybuilder, it is near impossible for your muscle growth to compare.

Can I bring my kids?

YES! We pride ourselves on being a family friendly gym!
Every session at UV is child firnedly, we have a deictaed play area for your little one so you can see them and they can see you the whole time!
We also have child minders in all our 9:30am sessions so you can focus on your sessions while your little ones is looked after.

Do you offer a trial membership?

We offer a 7 Day Kick- Start Program. This includes a complimenatry 20 min phone consulation and 1 on 1 session so we get to know you and teach your the basics then you get to try our group sessions for 7 days! 

I’m so nervous I'll be super unfit and I won’t be able to keep up.

GREAT you are in exactly the right place and you’ll have a bunch of amazing men & women around you who feel exactly the same way.  Let’s support, encourage and inspire each other.

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