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Health and fitness is so much more than a simple training program. One of the biggest problems we see plaguing parents is their struggle to commit to improving their health. You can achieve great results in the gym within 4 hours a week, however, it’s what you do outside of the gym that is exponentially more important; this is where the mindset and nutrition elements come into play.


We give you the education you need to become a Fit Parent™ so that you, in turn, can empower your kids.


Is this just another fitness fad that I will give up on?


A mind stretched never maintains its original dimensions.’


As we hope you can now see, at UV we aim to optimise your overall health through an informative, educational approach. Once you understand the basics of mindset, movement and nutrition you will retain this understanding for the rest of your life, and, more importantly, so will your kids.


By becoming a Fit Parent™ you will not only be the role model you want to be for your kids, but the best partner, the best colleague, the best neighbour... the best YOU!

If you are ready to take the next steps, reach out so we can have a chat and get you started on your journey to becoming a Fit Parent™.

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Erin Wait

Head Coach of Mum Squad

Mum of 2, 4 year old Lewis & 7 month old Elliott. Pre & Post Natal Qualified, lover of strength training & empowering women to love the skin their in. 


Daniel Wait 

Head Coach & Nutritionist

13 years personal training experience and qualified Nutritionist.  Dan's passion & enthusiasm is addictive!


Nathan King


Personal trainer & group trainer expert Nath is an all round good bloke who really knows his stuff, currently studying Exercise physiology which brings a lot of expertise to UV.


Lois Newman


From client to PT, Lois has had an incredible physical and mental transformation which has led  her to inspire others to follow in her foot steps. Lois will inspire you like no other!


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