Attention North Shore Mum's!

Are you ready to completely transform your life in the next 8 weeks? 

Say goodbye to restrictive diet's, body loathing and negative self-talk and the scales forever! You will  take control of your mindset to live a life you have always wanted! This challenge is all about completely embracing who you are and loving the skin you are in and absolutely  OWNING IT!

We are looking for ladies who are 100% committed even if you have never worked out before!

Do you have that favourite summer dress

or outfit...

Maybe it's a dress you bought last year and put away for a special occasion or maybe you've been eyeing something off in the shops but your not quite READY to wear it.  Your waiting to 'lose the weight first'...

Have you tried all the diets under the sun, tried exercising on your own to. get the results so you can wear your dream outfit only to feel disappointed or let down?.

Do you feel really frustrated because NOTHING seems to work and your struggling to feel good in the clothes you wear? Have you found yourself saying 'If only I lost 5kg/10kg I would look good"...

The good news is your in the right place, this program is all about taking a deep dive into your mindset and uncovering the limiting beliefs that are holding you back in aspects of your life that need help

(like exercise and nutrition!)

In 8 weeks your going to transform from the onside out, your going to gain all the confidence you need to rock your favourite outfit! Imagine being able to wear ANYTHING you want without even batting an eyelid....


If this sounds like something you'd really like to achieve then we have the solution for you! 

Unearthed Vitality has tried and tested methods to help you ditch the scales and diets for good!

At Unearthed Vitality we have helped 100's of women ditch the scales and restrictive diets for good! I am one of the few trainers in this country who will tell you how much I hate the scales and that I will never weigh you! The scales are now banned! I often can feel the weight being lifted off my client's shoulders when I say this, it's seriously so refreshing!

We focus on how you FEEL and what your capable of doing & the body will take care of it's self.  When we stop focusing on what we look like that's when the magic happens, I see it time and time again!

Our training methods have been fine tuned over the past 5 years to give you the best results possible.  Strength training and High Intensity cardio have given our clients amazing results, no more long boring cardio or hours in the gym!

Imagine exercising at least twice per week, eating lot's of nutritious foods and focusing on a positive mindset and then stepping into your dream outfit and FEELING the best you have ever felt in your life?

THAT is what we are about at Unearthed Vitality and our 8 Week Challenge will get you there!

Real Results


unlimited small group training

Train with like minded women in a safe & supportive environment. 

8 week meal plan

Includes family friendly, super easy nutritious recipes + shopping lists! Plus nutrition education so you KNOW how to make great decisions!

constant FB support

Your own private FB page t keep you accountable so you achieve the goals you set out! 

mindset coaching

it all begins up here! Your headspace is so important learn the skills no not only smash your goals but keep them for life!


I'm ready to change my life!

Hi, I'm Erin Wait, I'm a little obsessed with helping women love the skin they are in.  I want you to feel the freedom that I feel.  I would love nothing more for you to take this journey with me, you having nothing to lose but so much to gain!

Erin xx

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