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The North Shores Functional Fitness Gym

With our simple system to master your mindset, movement and nutrition you can be the role model you've always wanted for your kids!

About Us

We at UV have an amazing community of men & women just like you who are living life to the fullest. Forget yo-yo diets and extreme amounts of cardio, those days are long gone! Health and fitness is a committed lifestyle, not a quick fix. We will teach you the fundamental tools to incorporate good nutrition and effective exercise into your life, to educate you so that you can make the best decisions for the health of you and your family. We specialise in small group training, tailored personal training, nutrition advice and mindset coaching.

Our UV tribe is waiting for you...

   What do we do at UV?


Your UV initiation

At UV you’re not just another member, you are part of the family, and we want to help you be the best version of YOU that you can be! So that we can really get to know each other, we offer a 1:1 onboarding session as a preliminary to our training programs for each of our new members.


Your onboarding session will provide us with knowledge of your current mindset, movement and nutrition through testing and fundamental coaching so that we are then able to incorporate your needs into your health and fitness regime.

By giving you useful information to kickstart your nutrition and guiding you through positive mindset techniques, we will help you find the essential balance of mindset, movement and nutrition: UV’s key to long-term success.


We assure you, you’ll be eager to get stuck in after this!​

Mum Squad

Find your tribe 

There are so many benefits of exercising both during pregnancy and post-partum, and we have the best coaches available to help you train safely and effectively in our Mum Squad sessions.


While all of our sessions are child friendly, our 9:30am sessions have childminding available so you can focus 100% on your workout while your little one is being looked after.  

We want you to leave each session feeling like Wonder Woman, so be prepared to sweat in these action packed sessions just for mums!

We LOVE Women's Health Physio's

We encourage all new female clients to see a women's health physio no matter how far post-partum they are. 

Unfortunately we are realising that in this day and age that the 6 week GP or OB check up isn't quite enough.  Women are going undiagnosed with pelvic floor or abdominal issues for far too long when they could be treated and taken care of sooner. 

A WHP will do a thorough check of a women's pelvic floor and abdomen to make sure they are recovering and are able to activate her muscles correctly before she returns to exercise. 

It is the peace of mind we want for you and for us as trainers to know that you are training safely.


We work with amazing women's health physio's in the area who will completely look after you and liase with us to ensure your safe return to exercise. 

UV Squad

Join the community 

Our UV Squad sessions are action packed with mobility exercises, strength training and HIIT circuits for everyone to enjoy the benefits of small group training. They will leave you feeling BUZZED each and every time!

If you need accountability and motivation then look no further than small group training, there’s no better way to train!

Personal Training

1:1 or 2:1 coaching 

Whether you have specific goals in mind or perhaps your schedule simply doesn’t fit in with our timetable, our personal training sessions are perfect for you!

Your UV personal trainer will customise a program based on your current fitness levels and your goals, all at a time that works best for you.

There’s nothing like having your own personal trainer to help you reach your full potential!



Ready to give UV a go? Shoot through a message below and we will get back to you ASAP!

Conveniently located in leafy Gordon


Ground Floor, Suite 101a

7-9 Merriwa St,

Gordon NSW 2072


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