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Our Clients receive personal 1-on-1 training

Private Training is the ultimate way to achieve lasting results quickly. At Unearthed Vitality, we understand that every client deserves a personalised service that is unique to their goals, needs and abilities. Let our experienced trainers take care of you and get you on your way to feeling and looking great.

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1 on 1

Personalised Program

The private training session gives you a customised program tailored to your goals. You will receive specific exercises allotted on your training days that best suit your ability and fitness objectives.

Nutrition Plan

Great bodies are built in the kitchen and sculpted in the gym. Without proper nutrition, you are unlikely to see the results your after. Healthy eating is often the missing link in achieving your health and fitness goals.


With one of our trainers committed to your session, you are able to keep accountable and have constant support amidst your fitness journey.

Pair PT

Build Lasting Relationships

Working with another person (such as a family member or friend) will build and strengthen your relationship. Having someone with you keeps PT fun and exciting!

Keep Each other Accountable

By joining Pair PT you are kept extra accountable by both our amazing trainers and another friend! Track your fitness journey together and see results.

Team Work Makes
the Dream Work

Because you’re splitting your time with another person, you simply don’t have to spend as much on a private session. Pair PT is an affordable alternative that still allows you to receive personalised service and attention from your trainer.

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Personalised Nutrition Plan

“After working with Dan for 12 weeks I managed to lose 8.5cm off my waistline, my clothes are fitting so much better, and I’ve been receiving complements from friends about my new figure. Looking at myself in the mirror now I feel so much happier with the reflection I see.


Dan’s not just a personal trainer that’s going to have you doing exercises. He looks at the whole you picture, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle.

- April Palfreyman

“Dan has helped me lose 10kgs, 16cms around my waist and 11cms around my hips. I have dropped 2 dress sizes and feel amazing!


In just 4 months Dan has helped me achieve the body I have been wanting for the past 5 years.


I have gained so much confidence and actually like what I see in the mirror. For the first time I am looking forward to getting in a bikini and heading to the beach this summer!”

- Erin Goodare

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Ken Smith - Clown Doctors

“After just 12 weeks working with Dan, I have lost 12 centimertres from my waist, my belt has gone in several notches, I have a lot more energy, my balance has improved significantly ( i.e. I can walk up and downstairs without holding on to the rail, step onto a train without holding on), I now sleep soundly at night and even my lawn bowls game has improved.


These improvements to my life have given me an excitement about the future years ahead. Friends are now commenting about the improvements they see in my physical condition and one person the other day said that I looked radiant.”

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