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Customised Workout &
Nutrition Plan

Our exercise programs and nutrition plans are tailored and carefully developed to target your goals specifically and take into consideration your current fitness and health status, food preferences, lifestyle, and any injuries you may have. Having this customised approach you are able to achieve results effectively while minimising the chance of injury.

Structured Program

The program we tailor for you includes exercises that complement your goals and are updated on a monthly basis. The exercises are varied, based on the amount of time you plan to spend working out and the amount of sessions you want per week. The intensity of the workouts in your program will increase progressively over the course of the month, ensuring that you are always progressing towards your goals.

Support and Accountability

Our trainers will provide step-by-step video tutorials that explain each exercise. Our instructional videos allow you to keep on track with your fitness goals and you can watch them at any time to remind you on how to execute specific exercises. We’ll be in touch with you on a regular basis to answers any questions you may have and to keep you going in the right direction.

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what we've done for others

“Working with Dan I achieved so much more than I initially intended to. Through Dan’s guidance, knowledge on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, and my efforts both in and out of our weekly PT sessions my health and body transformed.


I lost a total of 16cm of dangerous body fat from chest and waist, my blood pressure came down, my nagging knee pain decreased significantly because the muscles in my legs are so much stronger, my wardrobe received an update and I feel far more energetic.


My body feels great, there’s a spring in my step that wasn’t there before.”


Thank you Dan.


“After just 12 weeks working with Dan, I have lost 12 centimertres from my waist, my belt has gone in several notches, I have a lot more energy, my balance has improved significantly ( i.e. I can walk up and downstairs without holding on to the rail, step onto a train without holding on), I now sleep soundly at night and even my lawn bowls game has improved.


These improvements to my life have given me an excitement about the future years ahead. Friends are now commenting about the improvements they see in my physical condition and one person the other day said that I looked radiant.”


Tell Us What You Need