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How I Overcame BODY IMAGE
admin / / April 27 2016

Have you ever said to yourself:

“I wish I was taller, thinner, skinnier” or

“I wish I had her body, her legs, boobs, those abs” or maybe

“It’s so not fair, why don’t I look like that?”

Gosh I think I’ve said all of them about a MILLION times.  I’m 5 foot 1 and athletic, I have big muscles for my size so big thighs, calves, arms.  I spent pretty much my whole life wishing I had all the above things, thinner, longer, smaller etc man it gets tiring!

When I lost 10kg/20cm from my waistline I started to see my body differently, I ACTUALLY started seeing my body shape  for the first time, before it was covered in a layer of fat and I DESPISED it and I’m allowed too, I didn’t feel good AT ALL ( I don’t believe in love yourself no matter what that’s bull shit, if your overweight/underweight will you love having type 1 diabetes, taking medication for your high cholesterol? High blood pressure? no!) anyway… I lost 10kg but still had strong legs & bigger arms but I also had a flat stomach & minimal cellulite.  I got down to 52kg which is an acceptable weight for someone who is only 5 foot 1 but you know what, it’s not acceptable for someone with my body type! I was lethargic and surprisingly weak and I COULD NOT MAINTAIN IT!

I was 52kg - WHO CARES, my body wasn't happy! Listen to your body & DON'T rely on what the scales say!

I was 52kg – WHO CARES, my body wasn’t happy! Listen to your body & DON’T rely on what the scales say!


I started weight training and gained 3kg of lean muscle, and WOW what a difference! My body is now FIRM, seriously come press my thighs one day! I have a bum, I have obliques, I have big guns! Now, does everyone want to look this way? NOPE but you know what I DO because it’s how I’m suppose to look, its MY BODY TYPE AND I ACCEPT IT & LOVE IT! Why fight against it? it’s SO tiring believe me I did it for 24 years!

feeling pretty good!

feeling pretty good!


I’m 55kg of muscle, people call me a pocket rocket, I want to be the first girl at cross fit to do a muscle up, I want to be able to squat 80kg – THIS STUFF MAKES ME HAPPY!

my tum tumgun show

Your body shape doesn’t define who you are but embracing it, looking after it and being in the best shape possible will only lead to confidence, happiness and a healthy future!

It’s a challenge that I embrace everyday, I’ll never stop exercising, I’ll never stop wanting to be strong, this is me and this is my life!


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